Sex tips and advice.

This series makes a brief examination of sex in many of its variations including:

lesbian sex (fulfilling your lesbian sex fantasies)
teen sex (as a growing trend that needs to be addressed)
sex positions (how to entice your partner with new ones)
anal sex (a how-to for the uninitiated)
gay sex (keeping it interesting)
sex stories (perfectly legit as a marital aid!)
animal sex (what you need to know before you try it)
oral sex (mastering it and enjoying it)
hardcore sex (what’s out there and where to buy it)
anime sex (cartoons yes, but definitely not for children)

The material is intended to be factual rather than pornographic in nature, and preferably for an adult audience. Graphic or offensive language has been kept to a minimum in an effort to maintain an informative tone, however, some readers may find some of the content offensive in nature.

Sex is a natural human instinct. With the pleasures associated with sex, combined with natural curiosity, it is little wonder that humans have managed to take sex to a whole new level beyond what is seen in the animal kingdom. From sex games, to fantasies, to movies, to bondage, to group sex, humans have managed to think of it all. Each of these innovations has managed to make sex and sexual encounters even more pleasurable.

Despite the fact that humans across all cultures regularly engage in sex, the discussion of sex is often considered to be taboo. It is only through open discussion and experimentation, however, that humans will learn to be truly comfortable with their own bodies and be able to reach the highest piques of sexual pleasure.

The following articles provide a more in-depth look into human sexuality and its evolution. This includes toys, public sex, role-playing and fetishes, all of which have helped shape the role sex plays in society.

Lesbian Sex
Teen Sex
Sex Positions
Anal Sex
Gay Sex
Sex Stories
Oral Sex
Hardcore Sex
Anime Sex
Sex Toys
Cartoon Sex
Group Sex
Public Sex
Mature Sex
Rough Sex
Sex Games
College Sex
Amateur Sex
Cheerleader Sex
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