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Amateur Sex

Amateur sex videos are a type of pornography that is created by amateurs and stars amateurs. Amateur sex videos can also be produced by a professional, yet star amateur actors or professionals who simulate amateur pornography.

In its truest sense, amateur sex videos are not made for commercial reasons. These videos include those that are made as home videos, or even photographs, by couples who create the videos or photos strictly for their own pleasure. Some celebrities, such as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee and, more recently, Paris Hilton, have made amateur sex videos particularly popular as theirs were discovered and released for commercial purposes around the world.

Amateur sex movies are also made to document certain events, but do have an underlying goal of making a profit through distribution. For example, a group of people might engage in group amateur sex and videotape it with the understanding that it will be distributed for profit. The most popular forum for distributing these movies is through the World Wide Web.

Pro-am pornography is another form of amateur sex movie. With this type of movie, a professional produces the film, but the performers are first time actors in a movie. Occasionally, however, a professional actor will also appear in the amateur sex movie.

Pro-am pornography often follows a similar plot. In these amateur sex movies, a host introduces the new actor or actress and interviews the person as to why he or she decided to appear in pornography. The host then begins performing a variety of sex acts with the new actor or actress, such as oral sex, masturbation, or intercourse. These acts can sometimes be homosexual in nature.

Some supposedly amateur sex movies don’t include amateurs at all. Instead, professional actors and producers create these films. To make these movies appear amateur, the use special techniques, such as using poor lighting.

The internet has made amateur sex an ever-expanding market as it makes pornography easier to distribute. In addition, web-cams have made it possible for voyeurs to enjoy amateur sex pornography even as it happens.

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