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The popular Japanese animation form known around the world as anime offers a wide spectrum of creative _expression that encompasses everything from children’s stories to pornographic anime sex. While the trademark wide-eyed anime characters that have appeared in stories like Sailor Moon are popular, they are dwarfed by a trend toward anime hardcore sex productions featuring everything from sexually assertive males to visceral lesbian sex.

It is said that anime sex allows creators (and fans) to express hardcore sex in ways that would be difficult to capture with standard photographic pornography, or that are socially unacceptable (such as rape, animal sex or early teen). In other words, a safe outlet that is stimulating, but that does not physically hurt anyone.

Anime sex is known for its extremity. In fact, hentai, the word often used to describe pornographic anime, means perverted or abnormal. In Japan, anime featuring hardcore sex is commonly referred to as jū hachi kin, which loosely translated, means unavailable or prohibited fro sale to persons under 18. There are several sub-genres within hentai anime, including work aimed at or featuring particular groups such as young men or young women.

Unlike many forms of pornography, anime sex videos occasionally feature some deeper character development or plotting, but for purists, there’s plenty that focuses on the purely carnal aspects of fantasy hardcore sex. Anal sex, gay sex, lesbian sex, alien sex, animal sex, double stuffing and more, it’s all there along with ridiculously exaggerated features for those who are willing to pay for it. On that note, anime sex video is sold in virtually all formats from VHS and DVD to streaming video charged to your credit card on a per-minute or daily basis. The cartoon characters may be reminiscent of something you would see on a children’s channel, but there is no doubt hentai anime is strictly for adults.

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