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College Sex

College sex is rampant on most college campuses. With both young men and women coming of age and finding their place in an adult world, the temptation to experiment and to test boundaries makes college sex an almost naturally occurring phenomenon.

With college sex, many young coeds are “hooking up” regularly. Hooking up is the term used to describe having sex with no strings attached. Most college campuses are an absolute haven form men looking to engage in college sex as male students generally outnumber female students by 20%. Sadly, this leads to a lot of confusion for young college women who aren’t sure where they stand in the college man’s life. Consequently, many are forced to take the “walk of shame,” which is when a young female coed leaves the dorm room early in the morning of the person she “hooked up” with the night before.

Of course, not all young women feel taken advantage of when it comes to college sex. Many female coeds look at college as a time of freedom and a time to express their own sexuality. Perhaps this devil-may-care attitude is at the root of the popularity if college sex pornography and other such fantasies.

College sex fantasies are also commonplace for those who do not attend college. There are many websites devoted to showing nude pictures of young college girls or to showing pictures or movies of college girls engaging in sex. Many times, to further the fantasy, these girls are shown wearing college identifying clothing, such as t-shirts emblazoned with the college name.

College sex is also a popular choice for role-playing in sex games. Role-playing the professor seducing the student or vice versa are common college sex games. This game fulfills the underlying desire to be dominated that many people feel.

Coeds engaging in college sex has been identified by many universities as a problem that needs to be dealt with. But, no matter how hard colleges have tried, young people are still experimenting with each other’s bodies and creating a source of fantasy for others.

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