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Oral Sex

Oral sex can be a very pleasing addition to one’s repertoire of sexual skills. Whether you engage in heterosexual relations, gay sex or lesbian sex, oral sex can be pleasurable for both you and your partner. The key to good oral sex is to be attentive to your partner and to accommodate his or her desires while maintaining your own comfort level.

Hardcore sex videos and tales involving sex stories often depict oral sex as immediately pleasing or gratifying for the partner on the receiving end. While that can be the case for already stimulated, or easily stimulated individuals, most people, both men and women, will need a little time and manipulation to achieve climax as a result of your oral sex ministrations.

Don’t be discouraged! Learning the ins and outs of oral sex takes practice and familiarity. Try different sex positions like sixty-nining your partner or allowing your partner to sit while you kneel in front of them or behind them. Use your hands to enhance the sensations your nibbles, pokes and licks are creating for your partner. If you and your partner are already familiar with and comfortable with oral sex involving contact between the mouth and penis or mouth and vaginal area, and you enjoy or are interested in anal stimulation, there is a type of oral-anal sex know as ‘rimming’ that you may want to try. Rimming involves using the tongue and mouth around the entry to the nerve-rich anal area. Hint: this may be more enjoyable if you use a scented or edible oil to cover any unpleasant odors.

It is important to remember oral sex is no different than penetrative vaginal or anal sex in that it is possible to transmit sexual diseases if you do not use proper protection. This fact is often ignored by youngsters engaging in oral teen sex; since there is no risk of pregnancy with oral sex, standard protection such as condoms are too often abandoned.

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