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Public Sex

Public sex is sex that takes place in a public place that is not within a private residence. Public sex is especially common in the gay culture, though it is not the predominate form of sex nor do only homosexuals engage in public sex. Public sex became linked to gay culture as it was a way for homosexuals to secretly engage in sex acts. With the increasing acceptance of homosexuality, however, public sex is becoming less associated with homosexuals. In fact, most people who engage in public sex do so in order to fulfill sexual fantasies.

Public sex is well-known to take place in New York City in New York and San Francisco in California. There are also several parks in Montreal, Canada where public sex is popular. One such pakr, Champlain bridge park, isn’t officially a Canadian park. Therefore, the court has determined it is not a a public place, which means men having sex there can’t be charged for engaging in sexual acts in public. For this reason, Champlain brige park has developed into a popular park to engage in public sex during the day.

Most states in US states and Canadian provinces, however, have laws against indescent exposure. Therefore, most people who participate in public sex do so in areas where the chances of getting caught are low or where the public won’t likely be offended. For those engaging in public sex, it is also important to be sure to not participate in it in front of minors, which can be a serious legal offense.

Popular locations for engaging in public sex include balconies, roof tops of apartments, elevators, beaches, hiking trails, dressing rooms, libraries, hot tubs, parked cars, public washrooms, pools, and patios. The possibilities, however, are endless and only limited by the imagination and, perhaps, the chances of getting caught.

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