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Rough Sex

The definition of rough sex can vary depending upon the person. For some, rough sex can be as simple as hard thrusts. For others, rough sex implies light spanking or hair pulling. At its most extreme, rough sex involves BDSM.

BDSM, or bondage, discipline, submission and masochism, is a catchall term for sex that involves unpleasant or even sadistic activities while engaging in sex. For those who engage in this form of rough sex, however, these acts are pleasurable while performed in a sexual context.

Bondage, or BD, falls within the BDSM classification. With bondage, one partner ties the other up. This can be done with chains, leather straps, ropes, handcuffs, or a variety of other objects. There are even restraining devices available that are made specifically for bondage. Some studies have shown that approximately 50% of men find this form of rough sex to be erotic.

There are different forms of bondage used by those who engage in rough sex. In one form, the restraining devices are used to pull certain body parts together, while another form pulls body parts apart. Tying the body down to something or hanging the body from other objects are also popular forms of bondage.

Discipline as a form of rough sex involves using rules and punishment to control behavior. Discipline in sexual context can involve physical pain, humiliation, or loss of freedom or privileges. Discipline can be a part of bondage, submission, and masochism when used to dominate a controlee.

Domination and submission is another form of rough sex that doesn’t necessarily have to involve physical contact. In its purest sense, domination and submission provides psychological arousal. Therefore, it can even be done over the phone or via the internet. A woman who is paid to take the dominant role is called a dominatrix. Generally, a dominatrix does not engage in sexual acts with her client. Instead, she acts out the slave/master fantasy desired by her clients.

With sadism and masochism, or sadomasochism, one partner gains sexual gratification from causing pain to the partner, while the other partner gains pleasure from the pain. In this form of rough sex, it is common to use whips and other torture devices to cause pain, though most of these devices are designed to only cause mild pain for ultimate pleasure. Humiliation and is also common in sadomasochism.

Most everyone has fantasies of rough sex, though the tolerance and definition of rough sex can vary from person to person. Rough sex is a healthy part of a sexual relationship, so long as it is consensual and both partners derive pleasure from it.

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