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Sex toys can add a great deal of spice to the bedroom, particularly for those who have been with the same partner for a long period of time. For these couples, sex toys can be the answer to a dulling sex life. Sex toys aren’t meant just for those whose sex life needs a boost, though. Many couples that enjoy a fulfilling sex life still enjoy the added fun and enjoyment sex toys bring to the bedroom

Sex toys come in a wide variety. Some sex toys are meant just for men, some are meant just for women, and some can be enjoyed by both sexes.

On of the many types of sex toys that are meant for both men and women are anal beads. Anal beads are a string of beads that are placed inside the anus and slowly pulled out. Anal bead sex toys are meant to provide extra stimulation. When coinciding with an orgasm, the use of anal beads can increase orgasm strength. Butt plugs can also be used to provide anal stimulation and are used primarily by men to stimulate the prostate gland. Butt plugs, however, must have a flared end in order to prevent them from getting lost inside the anus.

Strap on dildos are other sex toys that can be enjoyed by both men and women. Strap on dildos are devices that can be strapped on to one partner in the groin and hip area. These sex toys allow the partner to penetrate his or her partner either anally or vaginally. Women sometimes use strap on dildos to anally penetrate male or female partners. Similarly, impotent men sometimes use strap on dildos in order to please their male or female partner.

Dildo and vibrator sex toys that do not strap on are also available. These sex toys are held in the hand and used to penetrate the partner. These dildos often have a curved tip in order to facilitate G-spot stimulation. Vibrators often have varying speeds of vibration, which can be used to penetrate the vagina or used to stimulate the clitoris. There are also double-ended dildos. With these sex toys, two women can penetrate each other. Sometimes sexual lubricants are used with these sex toys in order to ease penetration and make the experience more pleasurable.

Other sex toys are meant primarily for masturbatory purposes. Women can use vibrators and dildos for this purpose. For men, “pocket pussies” are available. These sex toys are usually shaped like a vagina or an anus and have a hole for the penis to be inserted in to for masturbation. Blow up dolls are also available for this purpose.

With such a wide variety of sex toys available on the market, there is certainly something available for all tastes, needs, and desires.

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